About us

Technology has, for the past few years, been changing our behaviour, and by consequence, our needs.

It has changed the way we like doing things, the way we expect things to work, and the type of experiences we hope to obtain.

A number of studies show, and it is also obvious to see, that the time we spend using technology on a daily basis in unprecedented, and it is only expected to grow over the next few years, as is the money we spend online, or the quantity and variety of digital services which we have access to.

This massive cultural and behavioural change is revolutionising practically every industry:

- We used to rent DVDs from the local DVD store, until Netflix arrived.

- We used to buy physical CDs, until Spotify arrived.

- We used to buy paper maps, until we all suddently had a GPS on our phones.

- We used to book hotels and flights through the local travel agent, until Airbnb, Booking, and all these other travel webistes arrived.

This new ways of operating has created our new technological habits.

Education is an industry where the transition is taking longer, because of the amount of work, money, time and technical abilities required to create native digital content. But is happening, and it's unstoppable. We can take the examples of Coursera.com, Lynda.com and others.

As an academic organisation, you have the opportunity of embracing this behavioural shift by integrating into your structure a solution we have designed, in order to satisfy your clients' needs and provide them with a learning experience in harmony with the technological habits they have been acquiring these past few years and will be consolidating over the next few years.

We have built a digital platform which includes all the Cambridge English exam prepration content needed, as well as a set of tools which will help you follow your students' activities, performance and statistics, and get a higher exam pass rate.

We are proud to have in our team members with high quality teaching abilities, as well as excellent technological expertise to ensure the stability of our learning environment.

English Exams Lab is run and operated from our offices in the UK and Hong Kong.


22, Bruce Street

Cardiff CF24 4QA

United Kingdom


Rooms A&B, 2/F, Lee Kee Commercial Building,

221-227 Queen's Road Central

Hong Kong

Management team

Adam Smith

Founder & CEO

Alejandro Gómez


Wilson James


Billy Rippe